Q: How does my restaurant receive orders?

You can receive orders several ways -- via FAX, printer or even our restaurant POS. FAX costs $0.12 per page. If you need phone confirmation for online order, there is additional $0.08 per call. If your restaurant has internet access, install our PatronPass Client software for free, it will pull your online orders and print them automatically.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term contract that locks me in for years?

No. You do not have any obligation. You can cancel anytime you want.

Q: What's the printer option if I want to print out online orders

You can download and install our "PatronPass Client" program on your computer (Windows XP / Vista only). After installing it, you just set what printer(s) you want orders sent to. Then the program communicates directly with our servers. Anytime an online order comes in, it will print automatically to your printer(s). It's totally free, and any printer will work?

Q: What's the difference between you and delivery.com?

Delivery.com is a restaurant portal website. They placed lots of restaurant menus on their website. People can find your menu and place orders there. But they are not your restaurant. The site we designed for you has domain name like: www.your-restaurant.com, it belongs to you. This is totally different concept.

Q: Can we still use delivery.com or any other portal companies?

Yes, absolutely. In deed, we encourage you use all different restaurant portal sites as long as fees are reasonable. At the same time, we will help you to do search engine optimization, and raise your restaurant website rank so people can easily find out you online. There is no conflict between your website and www.delivery.com or any other restaurant portal websites.

Q: Can I create coupons for my customers?

Yes. You can create any type of coupons you want -- $ off, % off, free items, etc. Plus you can add restrictions such as having to purchase certain items or meet certain requirements in order to use the coupon.

Q: Are there any limits? For example, menu items, customers, orders, etc.?

No! Add as many menu items as you want; accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill; Also, you have total control, you will be able to login to back office to manage/view all related information.

Q: Can we see some of websites you have done?

Yes, Go to www.kydiaonline.com, check the live websites under portfolio section.

Q: Do you do search engine optimization?

Yes. With the commission based working model, you bet we will do all we can to raise your web's rank.

About Kydia Inc

Kydia Incorporated brings your restaurant online. We are an end-to-end system provider for restaurant web site design, Search Engine Optimization and restaurant online ordering system. Our system is simple, customizable, and cost-effective.
Our goal is to help you grow online business. We only take commission when you get online orders, and you will!