In today's busy world, more and more people are turning to the internet for easy ways to order food from their favorite restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner and don't have your own website, there is a good chance you are losing business to your competitors. In addition, having a website does not guarantee that you will get the desired users coming to your site and this is where PatronPass, a pioneer for 5 years on online restaurant menus and online ordering can help.

Studies have shown that over 30% of casual dining customers use the websites of their favorite restaurants to gather information or place orders. Not surprisingly, 51% of quick service experts agree that online ordering is "the next big thing", according to QSR Magazine.

Without any fee, we set-up your entire menu-online and drive highly targeted traffic to your web-page and menu. We understand the cost of marketing your website online can be prohibitive and this is where with our years of SEO (search engine optimization) skills and online promotion activities will help you get the desired traffic without any cost.

Put our online restaurant ordering system to the test for your business and watch your revenues and margins soar! We have restaurants that are using our online ordering system that receives average 40 online orders per day.

Here is a list of benefits that you will enjoy with Kydia's PatronPass Online ordering system:

It's Yours

This is your website, it has your restaurant name in the domain name!

It's FREE and It Works

Since every penny counts in today's economy, why not take advantage of our offer and see if this works for you. Think people will not order online? You need think again!

No Mistakes

Orders placed online are perfectly clear; you don't need to worry about customers not getting what they wanted because of bad hand writing or mishearing. This means happier customers and less food you have to remake!

No More Missed Orders

Online ordering means no busy signals and no hold times for customers. Never lose a customer to long waits again.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Since it's so easy, online customers place more orders, more often. Studies show that the average online customers orders 11% more often.

Larger Online Orders - More Profit

Studies also show that the average online order ticket size is 23% larger than order by telephone!

About Kydia Inc

Kydia Incorporated brings your restaurant online. We are an end-to-end system provider for restaurant web site design, Search Engine Optimization and restaurant online ordering system. Our system is simple, customizable, and cost-effective.
Our goal is to help you grow online business. We only take commission when you get online orders, and you will!